1970’s: Prime time

gasoline-175122_1280The seventies saw some of the greatest cars, with the likes of Ford Cortina taking the market by storm with over a million sales in the 1970’s. Amongst them, was of course the Vauxhall Cavalier, whose comfy interior and 5 door models, was a major hit for many working class citizens of the whole of the United Kingdom. The Mark I drew in sales due to its Ascona shape, which was a popular car amongst many people across Europe. The Cavalier was fitted with a spacious boot which became a key selling point, for families and people with pets. Vauxhall increased the car’s sales through an ad campaign in ran in 1976, which firmly put the Cavalier into the eyes of the public.

The Cavalier had many attractions but the key was how fuel efficient it was and economically cheaper to run than many other cars at the time, and in fact it was 9% cheaper to run on fuel and gave you more miles to the gallon.

Where To Start?


Vauxhall has been a popular brand in the automotive industry since 1903 after it was previously a petrol pump brand in the 1800’s, and has evolved into one of the most successful car distributer across the world. After taking off around the Second World Two period they were selling masses of cars but 1980’s Vauxhall were withdrawn from all countries apart from the UK, so from there onwards Vauxhall grew as one the leading car distributors in the UK.

Amongst the spectacular models that have come from the factory lines, the Cavalier was a huge success during the 1970’s and 1980’s and won awards for best family car during its time on the british roads. The first generation, Mark I was based around Germany’s Opel Ascona, and was highly popular among the families of britain who couldn’t afford large expensive cars. It was the second generation which produced the more steady stream of sales across the UK, with over a 100,000 sales in just one year! The car was economical and fuel efficient, which led to many more car companies starting the eco friendly trend, which we know today. The final generation Mark III is still on roads today, the comfy and spacious saloon/hatchback models became a hit with the UK people and the car boomed with popularity.